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  1. Amazing, thanks Amanda! Good to know! I follow you guys online and would love to rent your kit at some point! I am UK based, and the feature I am talking about it is in Malta....so might be difficult to source those over there anyway.
  2. Thanks Guy, although a little off topic, its certainly a good point and I will certainly be taking note of the lighting setup you used should I be in a similar situation. Budget is around 2 or 3Million pounds. I think we will probably end up using an M90 on a condor as its a harder light and we want shadows and bits of the set to be dark (as its a horror/creature feature/action film) Which we wouldn't with a big soft light. The Fire and torches can act as the fill and key. The moonlight being the 3/4 backlight. Cheers
  3. Ok thanks. I totally agree, using one big light for the wide shots as the moonlight. I initially liked the idea of using a big soft light such as the Balloon, as the moon, so its more creating exposure and light from above (less of a backlight). Then just have smaller HMI's as Backlights. I know having a condor with a Grid of spacelights Or Softbox underneath was used on Hateful Eight and James Bond for general moonlight. Rather than using a big hard moonlight source. ?!?!
  4. Thanks Guy! That was my thought initially. And I know its often the go-to choice for moonlight. I would want a HMI either way (balloon or M90) I would have the moonlight as a back 3/4 backlight and firelight as key. My only concern with having One HMI as the moonlight is that when the actors turnaround I'd have to move the condor/crane around in order to keep back lighting them. My gaffer suggested Two Dino's or HMI's one at either end of set, to save moving the light around. What are your thoughts on that??
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on using either a Helium balloon/ Sausage lights (attached) OR A Dino (maybe x2, one either end of a set) Using them as back lights, & fill. (Firelight is the key light in most scenes) Or maybe even Softboxes from cranes? Which are better for moonlight? I am filming a scene in the middle of an old medieval town centre (imagine Magnificent Seven gun fights) I'd ideally like to use a balloon light as the ambient light and then the Dino's as backlights, but as its a low budget feature I have to chose between one or the other. I'm leaning towards using the sausage light on a condor, and then just using some HMI's etc as backlights closer on the ground to the actors (so easily movable).?!? COMPARED TO/ 2x Dino's (on condor's) at each end of the town, so a back light whichever way they go. OR I could use Just x1 Dino as a side light, much like the balloon/sausage light.?!? What are people's thoughts?
  6. Thanks! I am shooting on location. infinity wall is a good idea if I had one though! I am using a book lights setup as key light source, then bouncing that around the object with various poly boards. Will probably try and hide the camera into the set, and cover with a cloth where necessary.
  7. I am doing a commercial in a weeks time but the product is made of Chrome, and so really really reflective!! Any suggestions or people's experiences, for filming products like this and how to avoid/best approach this??? Thanks!
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