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  1. I'm going to test this out Adrian, thank you very much!
  2. Thank you so much for this, Stanislav! Appreciate your help allot.
  3. Thank you Mark, I am definently going to test this method out!
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently on a hunt for great and affordable LED tube light like the quasar science, to enhance music videos and other projects. When I search online for them, they are like £60 for a 4ft one. Does anyone know any websites, stores, rental houses that provide great & affordable LED tube lights, that work well for filming? I'm writing from the London, so I would preferbally would like things that I could buy over here, thank you! Christopher
  5. Hi everyone, I'm currently preparing for a music video. A couple of scenes will need a misty dreamlike look to it (example down below)? I understand old glass is the best to get this look, but I would like to know the different type that I could rent. I currently live in the UK wanted to know the most accessible filter and lenses needed to provide an image like this? Thank you for Reading Christopher
  6. Thank you to everyone who has responded to my query, I really appreciate the feedback given! I am definitely going to do lighting test and try to see which result works best (ill keep you updated). Once again thank you guys for responding.
  7. Hi guys, I've been given the task to shoot a music video. The director wanted to be to create a lighting set up similar to the picture below. It's very low budget, so I have 3 kino flows and one Arri 2k. I wanted to know what will be the best way to avoid spill when using the kino flow to light the subject? Thank you for reading Christopher
  8. I just purchased a brand new Sony A7s (body only). There were not much lenses out there for the sony A7s, so i looked around on the internet and found a great deal for a Samyang Cine Lens Kit. The only problem is that the lenses are Nikon F Mount. What's the best lens adaptor for Sony to Nikon F Mount? Preferably, i don't want any vignette, also minimal reflection. Auto focus is not a big issue because most of my work will be film based anyway. Thank You for Reading
  9. Attended the BVE for the first time today. I didn't want to go home.

  10. Wow man! Beautiful cinematography! Keep it up you can only get better. Where are you based?
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