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  1. Thank you for your reply Dom Jeager. I also found Zeiss super speeds would work nice with the pocket camera. they have a wider range of lenses for rent over here and they are way cheaper. What would be you opinion on that? I did see the film Moonrise Kingdom and felt pulled out of the story since the film feels to soft for my eyes. It might be the lenses, it might be the camera or the S16 format, What do you think?
  2. Hello guys, SK4 + BMPCC I am wondering if the Cooke SK4 lenses are working well on the BMPCC(Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera). I look forward to rent a 9.5mm or a 12mm T2 Cooke SK4 lens. I was wondering if someone has used this setup before and if they can confirm if there is a problem or maybe a benefit to this setup. I would test it my self but they are rented out for now so thats no option. I would love to see some footage so I can see for my self if it is a good choice to use it for a film. I am especialy curiouse what it does to people and their skin tones and the effect it has on there face. S4I + BMPCC Also I wonder if people used the 14mm T2 35mm-lens with the BMPCC. I have a feeling it will lose thier feel in the out of focus area when used on a Pocket camera. Would love to hear what you guys think. Footage would be great of course. Thank you for your time, Daniel
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