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  1. Thanks for the very extensive advice. I plan on shipping cartridges in for this project because were on a tight timeline, but sound like it would be a lot of fun to try home developing so I plan on giving it a go soon.
  2. So as a project for high school some friends and I are going to shot a short on Super 8. I am planing on purchasing Kodak's 7266 Tri-X and I've been looking into developing it. I know that I can send it to get developed at Pro8mm or CineLab but if it's reasonable I'd like to try home developing. I've see a number of different ways in my research. I know the basic process of developing the film twice and bleaching it in the middle. I've read that I could just use D-76 for developing. But I've also read that I should use KODAK B&W Reversal First Developer Starter. I've read the instructions for using the Developer Starter and it sounded like it includes everything someone needs. But when I was looking into it more someone had posted saying I would needed to buy some other products. Also I've heard that you can use coffee as developer but I didn't really look into that. So I could use some advice is there a good way to do home developing, if so what do I need and what is the specific formulas for mixing. Or would it just be better to mail it in and if so what service would you suggest.
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