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  1. The film itself had no grading or anything whatsoever done to it, it was actually shot fully in black and white and framed within the 2.39:1 aspect ratio. I just don't really like people messing around with my images. What I light and see on the monitor is what I want in the final product. The featurette was not shot with diffusion but a filter was added later on during post production to give it a lighter look, make it look different to the way the film looks, in a way, it looks more interview/video like.
  2. My first ever short film just released, my first time being a cinematographer. Shot on a single Canon 550D (T2i) DSLR with most shots using a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens at f5.6 and some wide shots using the Canon 18-55mm f3.5 at f5.6. Lighting wise, I used 3 800 watt tungsten halogen red heads and 1 5600k LED on some medium-close up shots. I cut out shapes to use as cookies and shape the light with some flags. It was a zero budget film, all locations were due to good contacts in the local area. I'm no expert, never went to film school or anything, I just need some opinions from the masters. The critics seem to praise the cinematography more than the actual film but obviously there isn't much reason as to why other than that it looks pleasing to them and not look like a amateurly done flick. We're all young filmmakers aged 18-21, trying to do what we love doing in our spare time whilst having days jobs to pay the bills. Main film IMDB Featurette Website
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