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  1. Hey guys, I want to make my own 12 gauge heavy duty 100ft, 50ft, and 25 ft stingers for my kit. I'm planning on buying 1000 feet of cable and male and female hubbles separately and making my own stingers from scratch. Does anyone know where I can find a resource for these materials online?
  2. Does anybody know what the first Hollywood film with an HMI package was?
  3. I'm trying to find information online about the inception and development of HMI lighting in the late 60's and early 70's, but I've been pretty unsuccessful in finding any good, well researched, in depth sources. Does anyone here know of any good sources to read about the history of HMI Lighting? I'm interested in finding out about the technological developments that made them credible film lights and how their popularity spread over to Hollywood film sets.
  4. I'm considering buying a Source 4 to add to my kit but all of the ones I see for sale are designed for hanging for theatrical lighting, not set lighting. Does anybody have any experience with attaching baby pin receivers to Source 4 Lights for mounting onto baby stands/other film set lighting stands?
  5. On a related note, do you recommend any daylight balanced bulbs for hanging in china balls? Preferably something I can put on a dimmer, between 75-250 watts.
  6. Does anybody know a good online source for purchasing photoflood bulbs for practical lighting? 211's, 212's, 213's, etc.
  7. Does anyone here on this forum know of a lighting database? A website dedicated to cataloging lighting fixtures and lighting related equipment with the corresponding tech specs and info associated with it? I have never heard of this myself, but I'm thinking if such a resource did exist it would be kind of awesome...
  8. I'm a 23 year old DP based in Atlanta. I just updated some work on my reel and I'm looking for some feedback. Thanks!
  9. I'm putting together my paperwork to join the Local 478 in Atlanta as an electrician and I'm finding it difficult to settle on a resume format I'm comfortable with. This is my current resume: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f7fce6e4b05d1230c3d2c0/t/54ffac39e4b0276609263424/1426041913525/AngaritaResume.pdf I want to update this to reflect my skills and experience working in the electric department. Do you guys have any advice?
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