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  1. so if i go to film festivals with my movie they cant reject me
  2. even is my movie on focus and 1080p but with no depth and all this stuff
  3. n no man i know some stuff i get what are you saying me but the queston is can i sel the movie to film festivals or tv or anywhere else <if the movie is good enough but this is another story> and knoweone can tell me that you dont have the appropriate equipment and we can play this movie nowhere exept from the internet
  4. and the depth of field that someone told me or i have shoot my movie on 35 mm this stuff it dosent matter
  5. hmmm so that what you saying is i can make the movie and go to movie festivals with it and sell it ??? and knowone can saying to me you make the movie with a camera that is not pro so go home right??
  6. hello guys i have a simple and a little bit stupid question but i will ask it anyway what does it take to make a movie about equipment can you make a movie with a dslr camera and sell it like any other movie or you need to have some pro camera i i know about depth of field and my dslr camera canon 650d dosent have it but i can shoot my movie enyway now can i sell my moovie
  7. art usb dual what exactly is this a recorder divice ?? i just get the microphone with a cable and aonother coble into my camera and now i m finishe
  8. i found a rode ntg -2 i think is the best and cheep but now i need a recorder i found the zoom h2next and the h4next but becouse the h2next is cheeper i will buy this is this a good choice
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