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  1. Hi Gregg, Thanks for your insight. I got my kit for £850 which came in very good condition - the camera body pretty much without a scratch. As you say, using the standard standard VF, 25fps motor, 200ft mag, and attaching a handgrip and sticking the battery in my back pocket, gives a light/compact/nimble set-up. That's why I chose the ACL over say an Arri. I have a few older Schneider Cine Xenons, which are again nice and compact, as well as a Cooke 9-50mm, which is a big piece of glass but nice to use. One of my 400ft mags is an English version with the takeup drive. I've read they were designed to enable use of 400ft loads with the smaller motors - its reasurring to hear that you've used them togeter OK. I give it try. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi, Thanks you all for the advice. The kit on ebay is a bit too much. I have an ACL II Standard 16 in very cood condition - its complete as a camera so I can shoot. Though it only came with the 25fps motor which I prefer not to use with the two 400ft mags I have. So I've been using the one 200ft I have. My ACL has the standard viewfinder, which is small, doesn't add too much weight which the orientable ones will I think. But I'd like the option of holding the camera next to my chest and in lower positions. I did see a kit on French ebay around last december with the stuff I want - went for around £400-450, which is a good price, and now think I should have grabbed it. But with buying a PL adapter, film, processing, lenses, and possibly converting to Super 16, I decided to work with what I have. And haven't seen much on European ebays since. I'll keep looking and hopefully the stuff will come up. Thanks again, Mark
  3. Hi Josh, Thank you for the information. I had seen the listing on ebay and had considered it, but its pobably too much when factoring in import duties into the UK. I'll contact Partick Tong and see if he still has the magazines. Thanks again, Mark
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a few Eclair ACL bits & pieces and wondered if anyone has any that may be surplus to requirement and are looking to sell. I'm after a... ACL 200ft magazine (or 2) Heavy duty motor Orientable viewfinder (with mount) If any one can help, that would be great. Thanks, Mark
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