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  1. Hi, I would like to say thank you to all the content, ideas and theories identified around this topic it has helped significantly with my investigation! Much appreciated! Blue skies, Aub
  2. Hi, I am a student at Birmingham City University and am gathering some primary research. I am currently writing a short thesis on the idea that film production is moving towards large budget TV series productions such as House of Cards, Breaking Bad and Gotham. This could mainly be due to the way consumers receive their media content online. With the substantial transfer from cinema and TV spectatorship to online streaming and distributors such Netflix and Sky. I wondering whether people agreed there is a significant change from film production to high profile TV Productions in relation to the consumers move towards online distributors such as Netflix? Many thanks, Auberon
  3. Thanks for the information, this has been helpful for my project's investigation. Aub
  4. Good afternoon, I currently studying (BSc) Film Production Technology and am writing a media technology report on sensors and cameras systems specifically looking at how full-frame sensors/camera systems perform better than cropped sensors in minimal light. The idea I was wondering people had some views on is whether “camera manufactures say their cameras produce 14-bits, however when you look at their own application notes, performance is shown to have a dynamic range of 1320:1” (Motion Video Productions, 2009) because in reality even an 11-bit camera should produce a dynamic range of 2048:1? Has anyone experienced this with cameras they have worked with before and would a 14-bit ADC actually produce 14-bit images because the bits maybe subjected to lower parts of the image for instance shadows as well? Many thanks Auberon
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