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  1. After rereading my comment I realize that statement sounds a lot worse than I meant it. Both schools would be beneficial to my career and I completely understand that. I definitely don't feel like UCLA is a bad choice (I wouldn't have spent 9 years dreaming of being a student there if I did), I just don't know what the right choice is. I'm 17, confused, and a bit overwhelmed. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the words of wisdom!
  2. Thanks guys! I guess my main concern is that if I choose to go to UCLA I will miss out on some of the opportunities that I would've been presented if I'd gone to USC. I want to have a great college experience at my dream school but I don't want to sacrifice my career to do so.
  3. I was recently accepted to both UCLA and USC's film schools but I am having a very, very tough time making a decision. I will be a freshman this fall and I'm 100% sure I want to be a filmmaker. Throughout my life I have always been interested in writing. I started writing short stories in elementary and transitioned to writing screenplays in high school. My major for UCLA is Film & Television and my major for USC is Film & Television Production. I'm especially interested in Screenwriting, Directing, and Editing though I know I won't be able to declare concentrations until my junior yea
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