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  1. Hi JP and Georgia, I bought an used SR electronic board from ebay, now the camera works perfectly 😉 Cheers
  2. Hi James, I bought a new 12 Volt battery 4.5 Ah/4500 mAh with smart charger 9.6 Volt-18V NiMh from Du-All Cameras! I think it's the right battery pack for the SR 1 or not? Thanks for the informations
  3. Hi, I have an Arriflex 16 SR 1 that has stopped working. When I flip the switch to run, the motor does not start and a red light comes on inside the view finder. The battery is fully charged tested it with a multi meter, and tried a different battery to be sure. The owner’s manual says that a red light will come on in the view finder when the camera doesn’t have enough power to maintain a sync speed. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know what the cause of this problem would be? Could it be that the voltage regulator is broken, or maybe the sync crystal is malfunctioning? Does anyone know where a more detailed camera manual for this camera can be found? Like a troubleshooting or service and repair manual. Tks
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