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  1. Thank you very much Miguel Angel, Any help is good. thanks
  2. Hi Satsuki, thanks for your post. We are "WeLab". www.welab.es Have this name and logo. This is the ratio of stolen equipment. Any help is valid. - CUERPO DE CAMARA ARRI ALEXA s/n 2881 - BASE PLATE ARRI 19mm - VISOR EVF EV1 - 2 CABLE EVF - 4 TARJETAS SXS PRO 64GB - LECTOR THUNDERBOLT - CARGADOR BATERIAS BEBOD - 4 BATERIAS V-MOUNT BEBOD - TRIPODE ALTO RONFORD - TRIPODE BAJO RONFORD - CANGREJO DE RUEDAS RONFORD - CANGREJO INTEGRAL RONFORD - CABEZA OCONNOR 2575C - PARASOL ARRI MB20 SYSTEMII CON 3 PORTAFILTROS s/n 020231 - MANDO DE FOCO ARRI FF4 s/n 4365/3640 - SET FILTROS ND 3,6,9,1.2 - FI
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am writing to ask for help everyone. Recently (4.7.15) we have been robbed of equipment "Arri Alexa" and set lens "Ultraprime 1.9". We are a small rental house in Spain (Madrid). I pray help us locate them. The man that I carry is identified under the name of "Samir Amr" of passport Netherlands. Thanks in advance
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