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  1. Thanks for the replies, David and Robin. I have frames, but I am looking for better control over spill. Hence the barndoors and putting the diffusion close to the source. I am experimenting with falloff on sources very near to the subject, so the small size of the 1x1 panel isn't a problem.
  2. Which diffusion material would do a better job, 1/4 white diffusion or opal frost?
  3. What is the best diffuser to prevent multiple shadows from a 1x1 led panel? I want the diffuser close to the lights so I can use barndoors.
  4. Thanks for your helpful reply Thank you for your helpful reply
  5. If I put wheels and a 4.5 griphead on this stand http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/600650-REG/Avenger_A1045CS_A1045CS_Steel_Combo_Stand.html would it be a decent choice for an 8x8 frame?
  6. I'm gathering that the height of the stand isn't as important as it's weight and footprint. Are there many reasons you would go beyond 14' in height for a 8x8' frame?
  7. What height of combo/rollers would be optimal for an 8x8' avenger frame. I have 2 11 foot combos, and I was wondering if 14-15 foot rollers would be better.
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