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  1. Hi Bj├Ârn, that's fantastic, thank you for the offer!! Send me a message when you're ready, :D All the best, Milan
  2. Haha, the CD idea may actually work! I'll give it a go if I can't find a replacement part, thanks! Thanks Juha, they've got a shutter but looks like a very small angle, I'll have to wait to find the correct one. :(
  3. Milan Madge

    Eyemo Shutter

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forums as I'm hoping to start pursuing cinematography, I've been a keen stills photographer for some time but found an Eyemo the other day that I couldn't help but buy! It was sold to me as 'not running', so I spent most of today completely stripping it down and rebuilding it. It runs perfectly now except I'm missing a couple of pieces! 1) The top spindle that holds the spool 2) The shutter I was thinking I could probably make the spindle as a worst case scenario, but I'm stuck on the shutter! Does anyone know where I can find these parts? I can't imagine they're easy to come by but I'm hoping theres a website I've not found yet! Thanks! Milan
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