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  1. Hey! I'm Marco TOMA Tomaselli italian up and coming cinematographer now based in Los Angeles. I got an offer to work in a big union show as AC and because I'm new to the union's world I got some question that I not found answers yet. I'm applying to IER first but I'm not sure how classify myself. In the last year 85% of the gigs I have is as cinematographer, 5% as cam op and 10% as ac. By the way I got enough hours in the last 3 years in each of the 3 positions. I know that when I'll join the union it has to be as you are classify into the roster and I want to be sure that it will be the right one. I want to ends up being a union cinematographer. I know that the contacts I have will hire me as AC (as CamOp in the best situation) and if I join as cinematographer but I'll work for more than 40 days as AC, I'll automatically downgrade. What the best classification to work with freedom in the camera dept? Can I join as Camera op so I work both AC and in the future as Cinematographer? Thanks a lot, Toma.
  2. Hey! I'm Marco TOMA Tomaselli, 25yo italian up and coming cinematographer now base in Los Angeles. I came here without having connections so I had to start from everybody worst enemy.....gigs from Craiglists. The type of project is still not what I'd like it to be and I need to improve myself. Here you have my reel and any constructive suggestions are gold for me: http://vimeo.com/114315647 Thanks a lot, Toma. Photographer & Cinematographer. imdb: imdb.com/name/nm5064843 web: www.iamTOMA.com
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