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Born in Florence in 1989, Marco Tomaselli, also know as “Toma”, began studying photography at a very early age.
Creativity and the desire to improve led him to attend and complete many classes and workshops all around Italy. In 2008 he attended the Academy of Digital Arts in Florence -Cinematography & Visual FX- with the intention of broading his knowledge and applying it to the art of cinema.

In 2010 he moved to London, continuing his work as a photographer and perfecting both eye and technique.

After his return to Italy in 2011, he started to collaborate with several American production companies, cultivating his american dream on set of “Extra Virgin” for The Cooking Channel season 1 and 2, “Jersey Shore” season 4 for MTV and the music video “Turn Up The Radio” by Madonna.

Over the next three years Toma continued his career as a cinematographer in the short film “X-Life” written and directed by Giacomo Boschi and Simone Pellegrini, the feature film “Sereno Anche Domani” directed by Giuseppe Golisano and Vania Baldi’s segment in the documentary “Springsteen and I” produced by Ridley Scott and distributed all around the world. In the meantime, as a freelance filmmaker, he directed many music videos for bands like Adam Kills Eve, Wyatt Catch, Many Track Minds, SuperTele Rock and Lorenzo Del Pero just to name a few. Other than teaching photography, he continues to shoot for international brands in the fashion industry such as Patrizia Pepe, Antonella Piacenti, Lelli Kelly, Flore and Giovannetti Design.

In 2013, at just 24 years old, he recieved the coveted O-1 working visa (for extraordinary ability in the arts in motion picture industry) as a cinematographer and leaves Italy to move to Los Angeles and there is where the magic was born. As soon as he arrived he started working in the film business, directing photography in short film, music videos, webseries and commercials.
Toma is now searching for his next adventure…

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