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  1. Hi everyone! I have a job next week were I need to do some day interiors inside an office space. We want the lighting to be flat and have a nice higher key look. Think typical old school office vibe. I understand color temp has a lot do with this situation and my first thought is to replace all the green spiked overhead lights with color corrected Kino bulbs. The issue I'm having though is that the light levels still feel a little low in the space. Should I be adding more Kino's fixtures above people and have some sort of key source as well? This is sort of the look I am going f
  2. Who can tell me about the lighting of this music video? Speceficly what did they use to get that soft white look? It seems like they used a decent amount of haze. Anyone have any info they can share? Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUC2EQvdzmY
  3. Thanks so much! That makes a lot of sense. I tried it with a paper lantern and it worked very well. Now just to shape it a bit more and get the shadows looking correct...
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to re-create this still from King of the Hill as a learning exercise. I attached it below. It seems fairly straight forward but I can't seem to get the key to look right. I used a charlie bar and two Dedo 150's for the background and that looked ok but the eyelight kick and the key i'm struggling with. Thoughts? Diagrams? Thanks so much!
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