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    Director/ DP, Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. If you don't know or care about lighting, why would you even be on a cinematography forum?

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  1. hey guys, I've had my C500 for a couple of months now, shot on it a lot since owning/operating and I've purchased some support gear but I am stumped on finding a "pocket dolly." I just got back from a trip to Mexico shooting around Puebla and I love my camera and my setup but I'm missing a traveling dolly. Has anyone else shot on a c500 with Odyssey 7q+ and used any pocket dolly they could recommend? I used a Kessler a couple weeks back but the wobble wasn't great, most of it I could get rid of my speeding up my movement but I was looking for something travel sized and can't seem to find anyone with my setup that has something to recommend me. Anyone out there have some experience with one? Thanks, Caleb
  2. I have been using my 500 since January and have not experienced this at all. Are you shooting clog? Using the V assist function?
  3. Yeah man! The 5k from the 550d looks great.
  4. Really great stuff, man. Especially enjoyed the hyper lapse and yourr post zoom work. What camera did you shoot on?
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