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  1. Thanks David. It will be 2048 for the full aperture indeed. I guess I'll crop the standard academy 1.85 in it at 1828 X 988 then.
  2. Thanks Satsuki ! Makes totally sense. In terms of scan, I asked Fotokem to do a 2K scan of S35 full aperture but now that I know that should I ask them to do a N35 anamorphic instead ? That way I don't loose resolution and can crop to 1.85. What do you think ?
  3. Thanks Satsuki ! Based on everything I've ever heard ("no S35 possible on the Arri IIC"), I never thought it would be possible to have it on this camera. But I draw the frame of the gate on the film and it fits the Full Aperture. I got it like that with a new PL mount. Maybe it was centered ? As for the viewfinder, in order to have an idea where to frame, would the extra space be on the left side of the ground glass frame or right side ? Also, I launched a 2K scan at telecine of the Full Aperture S35 frame in order to be able to crop in post. Should I crop for a 1.85 academy ? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I'm writing to you because I'd need your hellion my Arri 2C. I just got it and measured the door to see it was Super35 4 perf full aperture but the ground glass has the size of academy anamorphic. It came also with another ground glass, the size of academy anamorphic but with the 1.85 lines. I actually did a test shoot this past without thinking the ground glass would actually be different. So I framed with this academy 1.85 glass to a S35 door. Since it's only a test shoot, it's not too bad but I would love to know your opinion on this one as it seems pretty weird. Any thou
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