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  1. It's a man in the back seat of a car speaking to a walkie-talkie on the front dash, then there's a B plot set in a nearby office. That's a really good example, thanks!
  2. Sorry, I was in a rush typing earlier - it's a day ext :) And I mean that the certain genesis I can get my hands on can only export 4:2:2 rec-709, it has no panalog or dual link functions.
  3. Thanks for getting back, but I meant more the camera / lighting side o' things - I didn't write/ direct it :) . I'll pass that on though!
  4. Been trying to pin someone down I know but he's quite busy! And I should've mentioned... static car, night ext :)
  5. Hey guys, any feedback would back amazing! The short's won several awards nationally and internationally, while being nominated for several more. Shot S-LOG, graded in DaVinci. Shot on: Sony FS700 (the opening 'dream') Sony F3 (everything else) The F3 I feel performed well, but the FS700 left a lot to be desired. Link:
  6. Hey guys, I'm DP'ing a short film soon and need a little advice. I've not DP'd since exactly a year ago and have stepped away to 2nd AC and trainee in the "real world" so to speak. As such while I'm confident of my abilities on the camera side of things, my lighting experience has been limited to say the least! The script is mostly exterior - the A plot is a man in a car. I was wondering - how should I go about getting a consistent "look"? My plans at the mo are to use two HMI's and fire them at a 12x12 frame w/ two silks to create a big bounce. For closer stuff I made a
  7. Yo guys, could you tell me what you think? These were shot with no budget - The Hymnal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APQFgRIX3yM Shot with Canon 60d, basic photo lights + diff & neg Only Child - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1IJka9piWk&feature=youtu.be Shot with CAnon60d, tungsten builders lights + small LED + diff + neg Obviously they're not perfect, but I shot them to get something made :) I was going for Eraserhead btw :)
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