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  1. Can FCPX export anything besides xml? AAF or OMF would be the best way to do this, keeping sync and some other info.
  2. The smaller the rims, the more air they have inside, if you can find a car with 13" or 14" it will be smoother, you can also take some pressure off the tires (not much!) to give them more "travel". If you can find a BMW or a Mercedes, even older ones, they usually have a smooth suspension.
  3. For this you will have to pay rights to the composer of the original melody, wich could be a person or a label depending on the contract. If you approach the label directly they should be able to inform you who has wich rights. I know that here in Portugal you could just change a chord and probably be done with it as it's a different version and it would be very unlikely to stand up on court because even tough it's similar chords, they're different, but i don't know in the states. You could just book a lawyer and have all your doubts cleared, maybe it's worth the money if you need music f
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