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    Krasnogorsk 3 Canon T2i Panasonic AG-DVX100b Keystone 8mm Kodak Instamatic M6
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    I am a twenty six year old Experimental Film/Videomaker.
    BA in Cinema Binghamton University '12

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  1. I just purchased a Kodak Instamatic M6 from ebay. It arrived in excellent condition, but was not working (the seller did not say it WOULD work) anyway I checked to make sure all the contacts were clean on the battery compartment, and the cartridge compartment looked decent...all in all it looked like it was in great shape. I opened up the auto exposure control battery part and there was only one battery in it and the battery was corroded a bit, so i removed it cleaned out the compartment and left the battery out. (I am going to buy the necessary two replacement batteries for the auto exposure
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