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  1. Thank you guys for the head up! I'll was thinking bout shooting it at nighttime, these HMI set could be really useful, I will try with a 4K we have and mark the little spots with small fresnels (with CTB). The haze could bring a really good atmosphere to the ambient, I'll talk to the production bout it.. You think the use of China lanterns could be good at this one? Anyway, guess a finesse light set is the secret here, when I have something concrete I'll send you guys to get your opinion! Thanks again!
  2. Mornin' everyone. That's my first post here at the site, so I'll try to be pretty clear (sorry bout the english, from Brazil in here). The thing is, we'll be shooting a college thesis film (a thriller themed short-film) this next semester. One of the locations is the living room/ kitchen of a country house. I'll get two setup's at it, the first one will be basically natural light with a bit of reflected backlight (we'll shoot with a steadi going round, so I'm trying to avoid any possible physical interference). My doubt would be what set or what kind of equipment I use for the second mom
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