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  1. thanks. i hadnt thought to look internationally i figured it would be even more. Good to know.
  2. Am i tripping? Web searches show ARRI Sr-2's going for around $3000 around 2016. I see them now going for nearly $10,000 Is this accurate? If so what is up with that? Also I am curious if anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale.
  3. So I just received my Peleng 8mm wide angle lens. I'm using it on my Krasnogorsk K-3 Ultra 16mm camera. Thing is, it barely seems to focus when I adjust it. Is this typical for this lens? I've read some mixed experiences. It's like I cannot focus specifically at any range. I can only detect a very subtle difference in focus when pointing closely at an object. And its still VERY subtle. Does this sound like a lens issue? Seems odd that you can swing the focus dial completely back and forth and get no real noticeable difference.
  4. Glad i could be a springboard for this saga. lol. Good lord i've never been less sure of a decision. Going with 2k however. This is a killer thread, if anyone wants to write me a check for being a catylyst for great knowledge, pm me.
  5. Hi Perry, Does your scanner and Metropost's Director accommodate Ultra 16mm?
  6. This has been a great thread, thanks to everyone. So I was going to have Fotokem do a 2k scan after all, but after clarifying to them that this is ULTRA 16mm, I got the following message: Additional reminder that we cannot get all of the film info of the ultra 16mm. The camera files out of the extra area next to the perfs are on the left side. The Spirit does not have a skid plate to capture the image. So... looks like the 2k Spirit scan does not accommodate Ultra 16mm. Is that correct?
  7. Any opinions on a spirit scanner at 2k? Also, I'm using Adobe premiere elements for editing. I don't understand the difference between dnxhd files vs. Pro res. How critical is this? And for color grading, if I were to get a flat 2k scan, would I be handing a pro Res file to whoever color grades it? I keep reading about how people use a local colorist, what does this entail? Giving them the compressed file?
  8. Hi, I have 5 100 foot rolls of 16mm Kodak sitting at Fotokem, and I'm trying to decide on a scan option. So my end goal is to put it on Vimeo, and upload it to facebook, or eventually upload as high quality a file as possible onto my own website. That said, I have a question about DPX scanning vs telecine. I'm going with 4k. Is it worthwhile to get a DPX scan, and then have that turned into a DNxHD file, for the internet? Obviously having the uncompressed files in possession is cool, but is this a normal practice? As opposed to just doing a straight data telecine scan.
  9. FWIW, i sent it off for repair. it was only the viewfinder that was screwed up. A little backstory, is that I had it converted to Ultra 16mm by the same technician. He put some lines in the viewfinder to approximate what is being exposed. So when he repaired it, he put some new lines in which are now slightly, yet noticeably skewed. Instead of two straight horizontal lines, it is now two slanting lines within the viewfinder. He said he worked like crazy, but it was the best he could do. I believe him and everything...but man is it frustrating. And distracting. And it wasn't cheap to fix. About the same price for having it converted to Ultra. Not sure why i'm sharing this, but I'm just pretty deflated. Although in the end, i am still able to get normal images...just with a very distracting and irritating viewing system that once worked just fine. I feel like a jerk for dropping it.
  10. My stupid strap connected to the camera slipped and my K-3 fell from thigh height down onto concrete sidewalk. I had it modified to Ultra 16, and there were lines in the viewfinder, given by the technician. When i looked through the viewfinder, the lines were all tilted, the image was way off center. Not good. But the lens focuses normally, the light comes though fine. Everything else appeared normal. Just the appearance had been shifted. I sent it off for possible repair...but i'm wondering if anyone can tell me based on my description if there is any hope for this camera.
  11. thanks a lot this was all great, some good food for thought. I can't get enough of comparing 16mm film. When you want to devour examples of it online, you really get a sense for how rare it is these days. I think i've seen almost every bit 16mm footage on youtube.
  12. The take up spool that came with my k-3 had teeth inside that caught the film. The leftover reel from my 50D does not. So do I just use the leftover film reel as my new take up spool? In other words, do people just recycle the spool as they go?
  13. Thanks for this, do you have any scans of your stuff from any of these labs? Like a youtube channel or vimeo?
  14. Anybody know of a place that will process ultra 16 in california? I haven't even considered that yet.
  15. Thanks, I didn't realize it varied so greatly. The place I contacted quoted for a minimum of 1 hour labor, less than 30 minutes of film they still charge for an hour..umm. We'll see. After researching I'd prefer a Data scan, 4 k. I think for where I am at and for my goals, I'll never be sending in more than 10 or 15 minutes a film at a time for scanning...if that much.
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