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    Nikon R10 Super Zoom Super 8mm
  1. Anyone in the market for an R10? This is the top-of-the-line Nikon Super 8mm R10, fully loaded, fully operational, lovingly cared for and hardly used by the present owner. See it here: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pho/5065820851.html See it now: Purchased in Santa Monica and evaluated by SML Camera in Venice, CA, this sturdy cinematographic masterpiece has a Swiss watch-like, mechanical elegance to its sounds and action, and comes loaded with in-camera effects and all the accessories available. Read the specs: Lens: Nikkor 7 - 70 mm (10x zoom) - f/1.4 Macro: from tip of the lens Rangefinder: split-image Shutter: variable. 0° - 160° (calculate shutter speed) Aperture Control: automatic, manual ASA (daylight) variable: from 10 to 400 ASA (artificial) variable: from 16 to 640 ASA notching: slide = no pins Built-in filter: 85A (auto release = 1-pin), man. cancellation possible Film speeds: 18, 24, 54 fps instant motion, single frame Remote socket: yes Power source: 6x AA size batteries (not included) Tripod socket: 1/4 inch Special features: EE-lock, exposure compensation, lap dissolve, fades, double exposure. Learn more: Nikon R10/R8 History But, it doesn't stop there. I have the original accessories that will turn you into a mini Cecil B. De Mille by way of Michel Gondry: They include: 1. A remote trigger cable! 2. A slide adapter! 3. The tape recorder sync-cable! 4. A beautiful case! 5. A 67mm Vivatar skylight. 6. Rubber lens-hood. 7. Well-thumbed Instruction Booklet. Any takers?
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