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  1. Thanks for this info. When you say not wonderful quality wise, if this the only data being recorded does the quality degrade from what would otherwise be on dvcpro HD tapes?
  2. I work for a company that wants to keep shooting on HDX900s that they own. However, they pretty have run out of DVCPRO HD tapes stock and can't find it worldwide. Can anyoone recommend good external SDI recorders? I am looking for an emphasis on memory space and being light weight, over monitoring or tools. Thank you for any suggestions. -Dan
  3. Hello. I'm trying to figure out how this image was lit and possibly some incite into post if it was a heavy grade. It seems like there is a strong back right edge and then some large soft source in front camera left. I tried to do something similar (with very limited resources in comparison i'm sure) which is below the first image. I had 2 10x10" Westcotts. One that was reasonably close as a key from camera left just in front and the other as a back edge camera right. So much feels off about my shot. Because of how close my key is, you can see all the pings in each berry cell but mostly its just the contrast feels off. In the first shot it feels like its a large soft source further away but somehow theres this perfect rolloff looking left to right on the berry and then this powerful edge that somehow edges the yogurt but doesn't hit the spoon. If it is large sources further away, how is this light being controlled? I'm also guessing they had a camera with a larger color depth (I am on an a7s ii with a custom cine4 picture profile) and also a large post workflow that I didn't do at all. I would love to hear other people's thoughts on it and the myriad of reasons the first shot is so good. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I've been doing some macro stuff with a lightweight camera (a7s ii with cage and a variety of lenses). I've been using the Rhino EVO 24" with the arc. It works decently. My biggest gripe is that for macro shots, you can really see the camera shake and you can't touch the camera at all during its move. I've found that the slider with the arc, then a ballhead, then the camera is too much height between the camera body and the base of the slider. So i'm in the market for something new and looking for something that can take a bit more weight. Anyone have anything they like? Thinking outside of a mirrorless/dslr bubble. It seems like there's a ton out there these days and it's hard to wade through it. thx, Dan
  5. Hello. Are there guidelines somewhere to adding images to a post? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm having trouble figuring the best method and what parameters need to be followed to do this optimally. thanks dan
  6. I see posts mixed in places like reduser and dvxuser and also ebay but i'm wondering if anyone else has good sites for looking at used lighting, G&E, and expendables for sale. Thanks.
  7. I just bought a cloudmount and am looking for the adapter plate to connect the gimbal to the cloudmount. I bought a cinemilled universal ronin one but the threadings are not spaced evenly with the rigwheels plate. Rigwheels offers a plate for the Ronin but appears to be only Ronin-m. I am having trouble verifying if this adapter plate will work with a full size ronin. Does anybody know? Or anyone have a link to the proper plate that could utilize 2 screws instead of one? thx dan
  8. Hello, I am helping shoot a series of interviews on a green screen with a sony f800. I have a variety of skin tones to shoot and am just wondering if people have advice for really nailing the exposure on both the green screen and the subject. The lighting is very flat. I have it with a 17inch monitor with a waveform and I have been keeping the lighter skin tones a bit under 70ire and the darker skin tones around 50. But I still feel like there is a lot of guess work on my part and i'm not sure how to fine tune it to be perfect as far as targeted exposure levels with the waveform and zebra stripes. Thank you for any advice! dan
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