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  1. For Sale: 2 cartridges of Kodak Super 8 Ektachrome 100D film. Has been kept in freezer since purchased from Kodak. Asking $120.00 US plus shipping.
  2. For sale: Handbook for Super 8 Production has a cracked spine with a some loose pages but it seems to be all there. Super 8 Sound catalog is in good condition. $12.00 USD for both plus shipping.
  3. For sale: Technicolor super 8 projector. This projector is compact in size and very simple to use. I have tested the projector and everything is working on this unit. It has very minor wear and engravings on the top of the projector and the side of the lens. The projector uses special cartridges allowing the projector to continuously loop the film (holds up to 4 mins. of film). Perfect for films you want to loop in a display set up, without having to rewind the film. I have 2 cartridges I will be including with the projector. Projector weighs about 12 lbs. (5.4 kg). Asking $35.00 US plus s
  4. I have 2 Moviola film rewinds for sale. They are in good working condition and works with 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film reels. Some surface wear but does not affect the operation of the equipment. Comes with 2 spring locks and 6 spacers. Asking $45.00 US plus shipping.
  5. For sale a Chinon Pacific 200/12XL Super 8 sound film camera. A very nice camera in good working condition. Features include: Silent and sound super 8 cartridges 50 ft and 200 ft Filming speeds: 18, 24, 25 fps, slow motion (36 fps), single frame Intervalometer timer 1 to 60 second intervals In camera fades and dissolves 72 frames Auto and manual exposure and zoom 12X zoom lens 67mm filter size 6 - AA batteries Also comes with metal lens cap, 2 microphones, UV filter and unused 200' ft Kodachrome film cartridge sealed in foil pouch. Missing rubber eye piece. Asking $95.00 US plus shipp
  6. All the reels have been sold. Wurker super 8 splice still for sale.
  7. I have 2 - 800 ft. Elmo plastic reels, 2 - 1200 ft. Elmo metal reels and a Wurker super splicer for sale. All are in excellent working condition. Please message me if you are interested. Thanks!
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