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  1. Thank you Phil. I saw the video assist from blackmagic however it is not out yet. I am wondering if there is a way to attach an external power source for the external recorder to the camera. Do you have any input on this? Does anyone have pictures of how this can be done? I suppose having the cameraman wear a belt type deal with the battery in it is an option, but are there any ideas out there to get this power source on the camera itself? Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you for the information Phil. So the Blackmagic hyperdeck shuttle will attach to the camera correct? Is there a special mount I will need? How about powering this device? I will not be in a studio setting, rather ourdoors on the move so I cannot have excess wires running around etc. Everything needs to be packaged up nicely on the camera. Thank you Jake
  3. Hello, Quick question on the AF-100. I most likely will be using this camera for a project that will be broadcasted on T.V. The camera has a record rate of 21 mb/s. The T.V station recommends you shoot in nothing less than 50 mb/s. How can we go about resolving this conflict? Is an external recorder an option? if so, how does this work? Does it always have to be hooked up to the camera when you are shooting? Are there other options? Thank you
  4. I will be shooting outdoor T.V shows such as fishing, hunting, etc. The majority of the time, the camera will be in a boat. The other times it will be on shore getting b role. This footage will be made into a 30 minute T.V show, which is then shown on a broadcast network and dispersed to 300,000 plus households. I hope this clears things up a little. A lot of very good information here, again, thank you for the input. I am newer to this side of things and right now most of this is over my head so hang with me as i try to find the camera that will suit my scenario best. I realize different people will have different workflows and preferences but to a guy who will have limited time, just a macbook pro for editing, and not a lot of resources behind him, i am guessing one will stand out to you knowledgeable folks more than the other. Again, thank you very much.
  5. Aj and Tyler, thank you very much for the insightful information. Since I will be doing shooting and editing, it is very important to me that there is no transcoding as my time will be valuable. I want to be able to import footage into FCP and get to work right away, with as little time wasted in between as possible. I also want to keep rendering to a minimum. Tyler- Great info. It sounds like you have a very successful workflow. Some of that is a little over my head, but it seems efficient and something I would like to replicate. I will do some studying and come up to speed. Another side note. I will be required to upload my video to the T.V stations FTP site. The creative director for the station said .mov or .mpg is sufficient. To me that seems very low quality. I like the idea of shooting in Pro Res and delivering in pro res. Also, since I am going to be building a business and need to purchase these assets such as cameras etc eventually, I am planning to do it now to get it out of the way. If the business fails, I will still use them in my daily activities. I don't see much risk in it. I have a lot to learn here, but you guys have given me a great place to start.
  6. Tyler, The camera you referenced looks to be something that may suit me well. What lenses are mainly used with this camera? Are any universal with a still camera? It looks like I will have budget left over to purchase a still too. I plan on using Go-pros for b role as they do the job well. The majority of my shots will be from 8 feet or less, away from the subject.
  7. Thank you for the responses guys. I would like to spend 18K total on a camera and glass. I would say 20% would be in low light (sunrise, sunset). I will be using Final Cut Pro X. Yes, something that is mobile and can be held in your hands for extended periods of time is a must. Yes there are shots that will be set on a tripod, but mostly it will be handheld.
  8. Hello everyone, New member here looking for some advice. I have three years experience in the motion picture world, mainly shooting outdoor activities. I have used the Panasonic AF100 for the majority of my time. I am now starting up my own venture and looking to purchase my own equipment. Need something that can be out in the elements, (sun, wind, snow etc) and has a durable housing. My budget is 18K. I need something that will shoot footage worthy of a T.V show. What recommendations do people have. Is it worth looking at the RED line of things? I like the idea that this can shoot stills as well. What about compatible formats? I will be editing from a MAC using Final Cut Pro. Thank you very much for any recommendations. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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