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  1. Thank you @Joshua Gallegos, the first paragraph of your response typifies and covers the information within the introduction of my dissertation. Having said that, the second paragraph of your response is going to be very helpful towards the dissertation, seen as I have not watched those films as of yet. @David Mullen, thank you once again for your suggestion. I find them very helpful. Cheers. Cheers for responding to my post, I shall begin to conduct my research now. I shall be in touch soon if I need your expert advise. Thank you for your time :).
  2. Cheers for the valuable feedback @David Mullen, apologies for not being quite specific enough in the post from earlier. Visual style is a broad topic and I understand what you mean there. My first intentions were to find out the overall opinions of what different individuals here may have to assist me such as you have. If I may explain in detail, the topic that I specifically chose for the dissertation is named "The Evolved and Evolving Visual Styles in Cinematography". The sections that will be covered in the dissertation focuses on how the variety of cinematography equipment available t
  3. Hello all. My name is Bheki Ngwenya who is currently in the last and final year of a Film Production and Cinematography degree. At the moment I am doing a dissertation on cinematography. My chosen topic on the vast subject of cinematography was "visual style". With this post I am aiming to use your feedback as part of my research in identifying what visual style is and what it consists of. Looking forward to your replies. Cheers. Bheki Ngwenya.
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