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  1. That sounds like a good way to go. What sticks did you pair with the head, and are they 100mm?
  2. Thanks for your response Adrian. Besides getting it serviced, is there anything else I should know about the head? Did you have to make any modifications, or purchase new items such as the pan arm or quick release plate?
  3. I'm starting to look into purchasing my own fluid head and sets of sticks. I typically work on set with the Sachtler 80 and O'Connor 2575 heads, but would like to invest in a head for my own equipment kit. While I'm not in the market to purchase neither of the heads mentioned above, I would like to look into a possible vintage head that would work well with my RED One MX package. Typically my package is fully kitted and lensed with Zeiss Super Speeds, but I occasionally use LOMO Anamorphic lenses, or an Angeneiux 25-250 zoom. I'm currently looking into the O'Connor 50D fluid head, and would like feedback on the model. Also, if anyone has other recommendations I would like to hear those too! Marcus
  4. Satsuki, there is an article in the July '15 ASC Magazine talking about the use of the Varicon with the Alexa Classic. Chris Manley, ASC used it on The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe to "decrease image contrast and imbue the shadows with a color bias." He chose this over doing it in post since the Varicon could create the look without increasing noise in the shadows. The story covered four decades, so he used color gels such as Rosco 99 Chocolate, and 728 Steel Green in the Varicon gel holder to separate the time periods.
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