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  1. Yes, paypal is good in the sense it protects both the buyer/seller as it holds the money in escrow until both sides approve. There's a 3.9% fee for international transactions/currency exchanges which isn't horrible. However, what to do about dealing with customs, etc. when exporting such a high priced ticket item. I'm told from the seller that the duty could be around 20% or so? Just curious as to what other solutions people have. Thanks, R
  2. Hello, What is the most efficient, safest, yet cost effective way to purchase a set of lenses from Europe while living in Los Angeles? Buying directly from owner. The owner is hesitant about sending lenses overseas without full payment as I am hesitant about having them sent from overseas after I have paid for them. What about insuring them properly, import/export duties, etc? The set is valued at about $17,500 USD. Any information would be very helpful. Long time listener, first time caller! - Ren Bradford
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