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  1. Thanks for the quick & informative response David, I was actually looking at your work from this thread about light shafts from a while back for some inspiration: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=34654 You said the M18 wouldn't be any better than another fresnel for the job... could I take it then that it's also not necessarily any worse than another fresnel? Or is that wishful thinking...
  2. Hey everyone, So for this low budget commercial I'm shooting, I'd really love to have a stronger light at a distance to get a "shafts of light through window" gag with haze. It's just not in our budget so I'm trying to find the best way to get a large parallel beam into a small space (the room is only 15'x19') and I feel like the M18 could be a way to do this. I'd also consider using a Joker Leko setup but I'm just afraid it won't produce as large or powerful of a beam as the M18. Arri describes the M18 as having the best aspects of a par and fresnel - personally I love this light and I've been able to produce some venetian blind gags in small spaces with it before. I know an ordinary par wouldn't work at such a close distance. My question is, do you think the beam of the M18 is parallel enough to make a gag like this? Thank you, Chris
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