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  1. Hey David, I reckon Adrian's suggestion of the Sony 4k (6 lens set) is worth a look at 12,900. I'm waiting for a chance to try a set out. They are super35 only though (won't cover full frame 5d, a7s etc)
  2. Thanks for clarifying Freya. I knew there was some kind of mount issue with the old ones but wasn't sure exactly what the problem was.
  3. Well they've been used on Red cameras with no worries so I believe they are standard PL. I think there may have been mount issues with the first (plastic) iteration of these lenses made for the Sony F3
  4. Thanks everyone! Those pieces look nice Miguel. Freya please post the link when you retool the article.
  5. Hello, First time poster here, came across these lenses and starting to see some positive reviews online. Just found out how much the price has dropped. Anyone have experience with these? Thoughts? We are looking to up our lens game from stills lenses (ZE). They wont be rented so having a name (Zeiss, Cooke etc) doesn't factor into our thoughts from a rental income perspective. But we would love some mechanically uniform lenses which we can easily pull focus with! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/906631-REG/sony_scl_pk6_f_cinealta_4k_six_lens.html
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