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  1. Very interesting Matt!....is there something of what you shot on 500t visible online?
  2. Thanks everyone for answering and for the great advice. @Lasse, that actually looks very good, not so much grain as I expected. This stock seems to vary quite a lot, according to different tests I have seen on the internet. Is it true the negative film stock is somehow more precise than the reversal (more detail)?
  3. Hallo! I need to shoot some super8 scened in Black and White. I don't have much experience with super8 but I would like to achieve clean pictures, with as much detail as possible, not too much noise. I will shoot both in daylight and at night. Someone suggested that I use the Kodak Vision 200 and 500 and bring it to balck and white in post production, since negative film is more precise than reversal. What do you think about that? Did someone do that before? Thank you
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