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  1. Yes you're obviously correct. However they need to be original art work posters, not ones you can just buy.
  2. Greetings Cine-Buffs My next short film is a one room set up, and requires the room to be filled with large movie posters on the wall etc. Has anyone had experience with using green screen for wall posters or billboards or anything similar? and if so how would you go about shooting this and then the post production on this? Any help would be greatful!
  3. That makes perfect sense and defiantly has given me lots of food for thought when it comes to lighting a scene :) Thank you :D
  4. I'd defiantly agree on flatter lighting, would you say its 'over lighting' as well? However, take 'Sharknado' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwsqFR5bh6Q Production is alright, can't really fault locations etc. But it stil looks like a TV movie. Where would the lack of budgets come into this for example? (sorry for the extra questioning lol, feel like its still pretty ambiguous)
  5. Greetings People, My first post, had a search and can't find anything specific on the subject (please correct me if I'm wrong) The 'TV Movie Look' I first heard this on an episode of Entourage where a Director fires his cinematographer due to making his film look like a TV Movie. After hearing this I looked into it and you can just tell now when a film, or series have that 'look' So my question really is, what makes it look like that, and how in the hell can you really avoid it lol A great example is anything by 'The Asylum' lol
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