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  1. @Tyler Purcell Thanks for the great answer(s). I don't have an iPhone and really don't want one. For my use of a camera is to shoot porn, which the picture I posted with my question, I believe is a GoPro? Can you or anyone confirm it's a GoPro? And to do interviews, one on one like in the same picture. What type of camera would you suggest for this type of work?
  2. I don't have or own a GoPro 4 Black Edition. But I've seen some pretty amazing quality both videos and pictures this thing can do. I really don't know nothing about cameras but would like to start, perhaps with the GoPro. I would like to get some others opinion about this camera? Likes and don't likes. If I go with this camera, I would like to add two things to it, one is a shotgun mic, and some kind of Steadicam that will work with a shotgun mic attached. (it doesn't have to be a Steadicam brand). What's a good brand for a shotgun mic for a GoPro, and what's a good "Steadicam"? I don't
  3. On RealityKings' website they have a site called Street********. I would like to know, what camera is used in these scenes? I'll post some images from different scenes, (non-pornographic) and wonder what you guys think. I think they're handheld cameras, but that's all I think.
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