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  1. Hello Everyone, This listing is for a ACSE German-made baseplate for the Sony CineAlta F35/F23 cinema cameras. This very rare and extremely well manufactured base plate has built-in power distribution and comes with a comfortable and sleek quick-release, adjustable shoulder pad. The base plate, along with the quick release shoulder pad, are in excellent physical condition and 100% functional. Please look at the high resolution photos and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please note that the Sony F35 camera is for demonstration purposes only - it is not
  2. Hello Everyone, This listing is for an Alphatron EVF-035W-3G Electronic Viewfinder along with an Element Technica EVF mount and custom made bracket, which I have been using on my Sony F35 Cinema Camera. Here is the list of items included in this sale: - Alphatron EVF-035W-3G Electronic Viewfinder (has both SDI and HDMI input/output) - Element Technica EVF mount (includes two rails, 19mm clamp, 19mm rod, and the clutch) - Custom-made 19mm rod bracket to mount to the Sony CineAlta F35 - SDI cable Everything is in very good physical condition and 100% functional. He
  3. Hello Everyone, I have decided to break-up my kit and sell my Sony F35 camera body separately at a highly reduced price than previously listed. The camera body comes with the coveted and ultra rare BandPro wet dock, as opposed to the bulky IF box. In addition to being a lot smaller than the IF box, the BandPro wet dock has four 1.5G HDSDI outputs, to deliver 12 bit 4:4:4, GPIO output, and power output to an external recorder. I am also including a custom-made V-mount battery plate with integrated belt clip, a custom-made AC power adapter, to power the camera from a 120V outlet, and the or
  4. Hello Everyone, This listing is for a Cartoni Gamma G100 Fluid Head with quick release plate. The condition is very good with the head being extremely fluid, counter-weight knobs working smoothly, and the brakes holding strong and effectively. This head is extremely durable, has a 100mm ball base, and made to hold cinema cameras from 15lbs up to 35lbs. It has a sliding plate (extremely useful) and quick release plate, which makes mounting and removing the camera a breeze. The handle bar is a Manfrotto, which I fitted to the head via an adapter I made. Adorama is selling one on e
  5. Hello Everyone, This listing is for a RED Pro Zoom 18-50mm F2.8 (T3) lens. Glass and housing are both in excellent condition. Built in i/technology for readout on RED Touch LCD and EVF as well as on Sony F35/F65 CineAlta cameras. It has 114mm front diameter and comes with the extremely practical Schneider Optics clamp on filter holder and two 114mm (4.5") ND filters, 0.9 ND and 1.5 ND. This is an extremely versatile lens with a beautiful, organic look, and can focus to an incredibly close 8" to create some amazing extreme close up shots. Price: $1800 + PayPal fee + shipping. I will a
  6. This camera package is no longer available. I have sold the Codex M Recorder and will list the Sony F35 camera body with the "wet dock" and other components separately.
  7. Hello, Thank you all for your interest. This is truly a special camera and a fantastic setup. I had a great time finding just the right combination of parts to get the highest quality output from the camera while keeping it as compact and comfortable as possible for tripod and shoulder mount work. I really enjoy using the F35 and am always amazed by the color and detail. The uncompressed 12bit 444 DPX files have so much information in them - the histogram is so thick, you can manipulate it however you want and it will never fall apart. If you expose properly, the camera has an amazing amo
  8. The time has come for me to part with my treasured Sony Cinealta F35 camera. This is a legendary camera used in many visually stunning feature films like Tron Legacy, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Real Steel, and one of my personal favorites, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. To this day the Sony F35 produces one of the most filmic images of any camera thanks to its 4.5K (12.4 megapixel) CCD sensor, global shutter, film-like highlight rolloff and vast color spectrum. I have spent a long time finding the right camera and all the components, some extremely rare, that make up this complete, top
  9. Hello Everyone, After much thought I have decided to put my complete Sony F35 + Codex package up for sale. This is the only Sony F35 kit you will find to have a complete Codex Onboard Recorder package. This includes the Codex Onboard Recorder, 1 512GB + 3 256GB Data Packs, F35 Wet Dock, Control Panel, all necessary cable, the incredibly rare and expensive Desktop Transfer Station (DTS) and an ATTO ExpressSAS H3680 card inside a Sonnet Echo Express Sel case which plugs into any MAC with a Thunderbolt port. The Codex Recorder and DTS both have all available licenses activated: 12bit 444 uncomp
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