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  1. Many thanks Tim for the guideline information, appreciated.
  2. Hi, we are a new London production and camera equipment rental house, let us know if you need any help from us.
  3. I really like the potential of the CP2 lenses - FF, super light weight, fast speed at some focal lengths, mount flexibility may be useful for use with the new A7RII Have also seen a few tests and they look pretty good compared with the Ultra Primes. They seem like the perfect lens for non-feature / hi end TVC filming and of course will cover the Weapon sensor So how come they are so much cheaper? Seem too good to be true
  4. Ultra primes or the Zeiss CP2 with supersedes for example ?
  5. Hi any recommend for a lighting rental house in Milan? I need to rent 4x M18 and Cele x 2 for two days shoot in Milan.
  6. Mon Lam


    Hi guys Which Drone you think is best for Red Epic?
  7. Can you share some experience on lens that go well Red Weapon?
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