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  1. Can you post a picture of the internal mechanism?
  2. Thank you both for your input and advice. The article Simon linked to was excellent, even just looking at the pictures. After thinking it over some more, what I'm looking for is a camera body with working turret, H8. The springs, governors, etc will not be used, as my plan is to engineer a complete digital conversion, while still maintaining the exterior housing and operational lenses. I do not want to destroy the two working units I have, it would be a shame to do so. I would be willing to trade out the H16 Reflex SN128536 for an equivalent H8
  3. I was interested in converting a family "heirloom" H8 to a digital system, but I thought why ruin a perfectly good camera when I can by a parts only camera on ebay. So I won a bid on what was advertised as a H8 for parts only. What I received was an H16 Reflex in fair condition. I don't feel good about tearing apart a H16 that might still have some life in it, and since I don't have the c-mount lenses, even if I successfully convert it, I'd need to acquire lenses for it. Any suggestions? Is it worth trying to resell it on ebay and getting an H8 like I really wanted?
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