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  1. Hey guys, I am shooting a short comedy film for class, and was hoping for some suggestions with my setup! Mind you, I am very new to all this. Since it is a comedy, I was planning on using a lot of soft light. I have a few softboxes, a few umbrella lights, and a few chinaballs. The setup I was planning on running, was two 1000 Lumen LED worklights for my background (with orange or blue gel depending on the scene) and a chinaball with orange or blue gel with a 105W CFL (600W equivalent) in front of my actor. If necessary, I would use a white reflector to fill the shadows on my actors face. The reason I want to use worklights if possible, is that they are MUCH easier to gel. I have heard they run a little bit green, and have spikes in their color charts, but will that really affect me in a real life situation? The two backlights I use would probably have different hues of the same color, ie. frost blue and full blue CTB Thank you all for the help! I look forward to learning with you!
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