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  1. Hello, I will shooting red epic 2k 8:1 compression..We will manly be shooting 24fps but may do some 90 fps. We have. 128 go red mags.. Would a 2t hard drive be a sufficient amount of space for backing up footage? I feel 5tb would be too much but I am inclined to get one to be certain there will be enough space. Would I be fine with 2 tb? Thank you kindly for suggestions.
  2. Hello, I will shooting a music video on a stage with a white backdrop. It was originally gonna be a 5d shoot but Last minute a red epic has become available however I am not as knowledgeable with this camera... Can someone explain the distinction between 2k and 2k hd? Any basic camera setting suggestions for highest quality 2k images? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Ah yes makes sense ! Thank you for dispelling this for mee
  4. Hello All, I am renting a red epic for a shoot and I noticed in the quote the Red body is listed as Red Epic Kerrigan. I cannot find an info on a Red Epic Kerrigan anywhere online. Before I ask the owner was wondering if any of you had any idea? Thankz
  5. Hello, I will be shooting a small scene with one actor sitting at a table and plan to light the scene with one single spotlight from above at a three quater back position. The room I will be shooting in has white walls and I want the room to be pitch black with the exception of the spot light. Is this effect possible if there are white walls? Also any light suggestion for the spot light? Thank you in advance! - Jorge
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