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  1. Hey Heinrich, that is super interesting, thanks for that tip. Lucky then I'm on the R10 and would have had some problems. I will remember if I use the R8! I realise now an easy way to test would have been to try a scene using the internal exposure meter with and without the filter key and if it changed by 2/3rds then I would have known the filter was pulled down. Thanks everyone for your discussion!
  2. Hi everyone, I’m shooting a test roll at the moment (my first) on a Nikon R10 but I can’t work out whether inserting the filter key turns the internal filter on or off? My understanding from the manual is that inserting the key turns the filter off - but I’m not sure if I’m interpreting it correctly. It’s confusing as it references old film stock (Kodachrome Type A) which I think was tungsten balanced film, and then talks about artificial light which I’m guessing from the time would mean Tungsten lighting. I thought someone on here would probably know from their own experience shooting with the camera. I've read too that the R10 can work it out itself based off the film cartridge, but I've been inserting the key for different shots so am wondering too if this will have any effect to my shots so far? Hopefully me inserting the key has had no effect. Thanks Dave
  3. Hmm I see. Alright I might re-think that one then! Cheers.
  4. Dang. Thanks very much for your reply. Very jealous of your normal smelling camera collection. The man I got it from seems to have a big property in a rural area so I think it could indeed be a farm and it just smells earthy or something. It's noticable when you go to look through the viewfinder. Good news though is besides that it's in immacualte condition, he said he'd only ever used it about 10 times back in the day then popped it in to storage. Yep I'm airing it out at the moment and will go easy around the body with a slightly damp cloth. I'm also leaving it overnight in a bag with a container next to it with baking soda as I've read baking soda is great at absorbing smells. Thanks Andries! Dave
  5. Hi all So I just got my Nikon R10 this week and it's in great condition and seems to run smoothly so far (although I haven't tested it with film yet). My only issue is though that the whole thing kinda smells.. like a farm, or like horses or something. But I was wondering if maybe this is normal and if it is just the aged leather as it's a vintage camera of course. Anyone else have this with their R10 or R8? Cheers Dave
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