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  1. Hey there! I just created a small piece regarding film (photography) I'm looking for critique on this piece. I realized that when I scaled my C4K from the pocket 4k to a UHD timeline, some of my clips towards the end) apparently weren't scaled correctly so a white line pops up on the right side of frame. (Lame because it doesn't show up in premiere's editing windows) Also banding is insane with YT compression so a couple of shots you notice it quite a bit. (Tried to minimize it with grain added) Anyways, thanks for stopping by and drop any tech questions you have below as well!
  2. Thanks Jay! I appreciate it. The hand held look is what I was going for, but there are some shots that have some "Micro jitter" which I should've smoothed out in post. As for the b-roll audio that is a very good point, someone else has said the same thing. I'll make sure to tone it down a notch next time, thanks again!
  3. Thanks a lot Ted! I shot this on a Canon C100 with primarily just a Nikkor Ais 50mm 1.4 and Nikkor Ais 24mm 2.8, as well as a couple shots on the good ol Canon 24-105. The audio set up to capture the interview was a Rode ntg-2/deadcat lined right into my c100 through a 20' xlr cable rigged up on a boom pole and mic stand about a foot from Trevors mouth. For the broll audio it was a little bit of the ntg-2 mounted on my camera as well as the rode videomic pro. For stabilization I just pressed the flip out lcd screen on the c100 to my chest or stomach, on some shots I used warp stabilizer, for t
  4. Looking for some critique on a short film I made! Thanks! (Don't bother telling me about the quick change of dialouge in the ending, I already know haha) https://vimeo.com/143703968
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