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  1. We sell dimmers for incandescent lamps, 3 different models. The smallest one up to 3kW (able to work with an Studio 3000W) The bigger one (at the moment) is up to 7kW with double output. 16A + 32A plugs and the dimmer works with two lamps at the same time (up to 5kW + 2kW lamps) The Flicker Dimmer is up to 3kW and it has the capability to generate flicker for special effects The small dimmer cost £99, for more info you can check it in the website www.strikedimmers.com
  2. EBAY LINK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321938237598? Worth more than £2000! This ARRI 575/1200W Electronic Ballast works with 120-220 VAC. It has on-board dimming, as well as frequency control capability. It is compatible with the ARRI 575, 1.2K HMI Compact Fresnels, Arri-X 5, Arrisun 5 and 12 HMI PAR fixtures. Also with other brands such as Quartzcolor, Filmgear, Mole Richardson, Desisti,... Check a video of the ballast running on Youtube Perfect for Video Applications Offers flicker-free operation Enables a shutter speed of 10,000 frames per second Dimmable On-board dimming from 50% to 100%No Color Shift While Dimming The current limiter reduces light output by half but raises color temperature, eliminating the need to correct color temperature with color correcting gels For over 25 years, discharge lighting ballasts have been an integral part of the ARRI Lighting family. During that course of time, the range has developed to comprise the reliable, robust and efficient components recognised today as the industry standard for film, theatre and events. ARRI Ballasts feature state-of-the-art electronics and offer easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators, along with impeccable reliability and safety. A wide range of cables and accessories completes the ARRI Lighting product line. Constant lamp power and colour temperature over the lifetime of the lamp Possibility to dim the light between 50 and 100% Automatic switch-over for 115V~ and 230V~ power supplies Low noise switch - noise reduction in the luminary Active Line Filter - power factor correction Line over-voltage protection Protection from overheating Constant lamp power and colour temperature over the lifetime of the lamp Less weight and size compared to magnetic ballasts At least 5% greater light intensity compared to magnetic ballasts At least 20% longer bulb life compared to magnetic ballasts Solid construction, including outside heatsinks as part of housing and a bumper at the operator control panel Special mechanical design for quick opening of the EB in case of service maintenance Good service assistance Detailed technical documentation L2.76125.0 EB 575/1200, 90-125 V/180-250 V, Schuko-Plug, VEAM, blue standard housing
  3. Re-listed in the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321921271635?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Reflector holder & glass reflector for Studio 5000 Theatre, Compact 4000, Studio 2000, ... (can be used as retrofit kit for old glass reflector versions) -EBAY LINK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321919867922?
  5. A replacement Reflector Assembly that intensifies and broadens the output of an ARRI Pocket Par 400 watt HMI fixture. Compatibility Arri Pocket PAR 400 Watt HMI Fixture Mfr # L2.70880.0 EBAY LINK
  6. RRPP £199 NOW 50% DISCOUNT LIMITED TO 3 UNITS DESCRIPTION Brand new ARRI - Head to Ballast Power Connecting Cable for ARRILUX 125, 25' Long (7 metre). EBAY LINK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321917436714?
  7. eBay link : http://r.ebay.com/44FOGE Brand new light bulb compatible with ARRI T24 20kW lamp G38 / T100 20000W 230V Part Number 54713 Item Weight 5 pounds Product Dimensions 8 x 2 x 2 inches Wattage 20000.00 Item Package Quantity 1 Type of Bulb Halogen Special Features Wattage 20000W, Voltage 240V, Base G38 Mogul Bi-Post
  8. Complete HMI kit, plug and play! selling on eBay (if someone give me a good price I can remove from eBay) http://r.ebay.com/zepITF + Genuine ARRI 575/1200 HMI Electronic Ballast in perfect condition, with 16 amps plug and 1.5 metres cable + Pole operated QUARTZCOLOR SIRIO 1200W with just 11 hours of use, includes a 11 hours used 1.2 kW Bulb (as new) and it has the ARRI plug with 8 metres length! + Spare bulb (1200 watts) new + Barn Door + Filter frame to add gels and change the color temperature as desired + 16 amps socket to 13 amps UK plug (if needed an EURO plug can be changed) with 1.5 metres length! - Lighting stand not included Check a video of the complete KIT on Youtube ( https://youtu.be/3cgCO2Y1P2I )
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