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  1. There's some software out there that allows you to setup all your lights and modifiers in a 3D environment, and light 3D models and standins actors. The idea is to narrow down the lighting setup and get an idea of how the shot would look. Does anyone here have experience with such software? Is it a good option or waste of time?
  2. I like the idea of creating localized pools of light but not sure what exactly skirting means. I'm not necessarily trying to create the look of film from the 70s, just trying to convey that it's a 70s scene, because we will be jumping back and forth in time between current and 70s... so I want that to be evident from the look. From what I can see in Argo, a 70s period movie film recently, they rely heavily on yellow and browns (walls, clothing,etc) to give that 70s sepia look while keeping a contemporary quality. Hm... You're right. It's set in the 70s but not to look like it was f
  3. We need to to light an office dialogue scene set in the 70s. Will keep desks and stage the rest with 70s era supplies/equipment. Ceilings are 8ft and fluorescent lit. Any suggestions? Stills of two offices that will be used below.
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