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  1. Hi I need help identifying these lens mounts. They are interchangeable mounts for a 1200mm telephoto lens. Thanks for the help Björn
  2. thanks will let you know the result
  3. I have one of those plastic tabs. I'll send it to you free of charge if you need it 🙂 cheers
  4. removing the front ring won't make any difference, you have to cut out the "corners" of the inner ring holding the front lens. Im about to do this myself on my kowa and CP 9mm lenses...good luck
  5. I have a Zeiss 11-110mm mk3 s16 zoom for sale. Imperial focus marks...
  6. Hi, still looking? I have a set in AB-mount. 9.5 12 16 and 25. Focus gears and 80mm fronts thanks björn
  7. Thanks! But do all zeiss 8-hole PL mounts have the same hole pattern? Im replacing a 8-hole arri bayonet mount on a vintage lens.
  8. I need one of those 8-hole PL-mounts. Where can I get one? thanks
  9. Hi Please sell me your Miltar Lenses in Eyemo mount. Looking for focal lengths 1" , 2" and 3" in black or white finish. thanks and stay safe 🙂 Björn
  10. bj

    Eyemo Shutter

    Hi Milan, the eyemo shutter blade is now on Ebay. Thanks Björn
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