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  1. Hi Its not a universal mount. Its a custom threaded mount with an attached PL mount. Works as it should and holds focus throughout the zoom range.
  2. PRICES: arri matte box bracket $75 (new) Anton bauer plate $20 Zeiss lens caps $10 each Zeiss 80mm fronts $25 each URSA baseplate and top handle and arm for handle kit $100 (sells new for $395) custom chrozsiel 15mm rods extendable $50 Denz light weight FF $400 Arri 12". dovetail $100 each ARRI IIC mag loop covers $20 each arri IIC mag port cover (looks new) $50 arri MMB-2 15mm bracket $25 arri RS-4 remote start $25-$50 each PS technic shoulder pad for 15mm rods custom leather $50 Spectra light meter IV-A (works but need calibration) $100 panavision wire spreader for ronford, bought from panastore (new) $50 bebob V-lock plate for Alexa Mini with 12V lemos and 15mm rodclamp $200 arri MB-14 whip for geared filter frame $20 Zeiss 11-110mm super16 zoom $3500 front box bracket for O'Connor heads $200 viewfinder suport bracket for Conner heads $175 blackmagic micro PL mount custom SDI out and 12V lemo + cage $450 ARRI IIC vari shutter, very good condition, 4mags, tripod, runs! $ give an offer 🙂 Elgeet 8mm for Fairchild high speed 16mm cameras (not super16) $100 Elgeet 5mm for Fairchild high speed 16mm cameras (not super16) $100 Schneider 28mm for 35mm film camera arri standard mount ,nice $150 Scheneider 28mm perfect glass but missing shutter blades (don't ask) $100 Zeiss 50mm f1.5 vintage super speed in arri standard mount $ give an offer Zeiss Sonnar 85mm vintage, arri standard mount, good glass T-coating $1000 Zeiss Sonnar 85mm vintage, arri strandards mount, good glass, $800 Angenieux 35-140mm S-35 light weight vintage zoom PL-mount $1000 thanks Björn
  3. Hi Michael yes, still looking for miltars. Mainly looking for white ones though. Thanks! whats your asking price? Björn
  4. Hi Thomas im asking $4000 kindly björn
  5. Hi there, Im getting rid of some gear. Arri IIC, Zeiss sonnar lenses, Blackmagic Micro camera, odd 16mm wide lenses, Spectra light meter, Denz Follow focus, front box bracket and viewfinder support both for O'connor heads, arri 12" dovetails and some other items. Check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/150969694@N07/albums for pictures of everything. I haven't included prices but don't be afraid to make a bid. Im in Sweden. Have a good day 😄 Björn Köling
  6. Carl Zeiss Sonnar 85mm f2 lens in good condition. sn3210101. arri std mount. covers FF sensors. front and rear caps. aperture and focus works as they should. great lens! Pictures of the lens and sample images can be found on bjornkoling.com under "gear" $1000 thanks lens.jp2
  7. Wow thanks Kyryll! I’ll put the lens on a red 5K camera next week and see how its holding up 🙂 I’ll be posting the results. /Björn
  8. Hi I found this NASA surplus lens. Its a 9-27mm f3.5 wide angle zoom with unknown lens mount for 35mm motion picture cameras. Its only marked with NASA s/n 4007 but it doesn't say who manufactured it. It covers aps-c or s35 sensors and I made a canon RF adapter for it. (FFD around 30mm) So Im trying to find out where and when this lens was used. NASA themselves says they don't know. Does anyone here know? Lens manufacturers aren't allowed to put their name on lenses made for NASA I have learned. thanks Björn Köling
  9. Hi, could someone help me identify this lens mount please? Its on a wide angle zoom found on Ebay. Its not Mitchell BNCR or Panavision but seems like a cine lens mount. thanks Björn Köling
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