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  1. Yes, certainly not rental gear. Do you have any details or pictures of your homebrew flous? Being able to mount the fixture on a light duty photography stand or at worst, a c-stand, is essential. Thanks.
  2. A colleague of mine with a small production company is struggling with work, I'm doing him some favors lighting with my tungsten kit to help make his projects look better in hopes of grabbing in some clients with deeper pockets. Sometimes we need a bright pool of daylight because the cameras used aren't very sensitive (around 250 ASA) and/or shooting into windows. I was thinking of putting together an array of those giant 6500k 105w CFLs with 90+ CRI, though keeping their built in ballasts cool might be a concern if they're packed in closely. Renting isn't an option; HMIs, kinos, etc. are o
  3. Does anyone know where I can find one? Say I want to shoot at 400 ASA at f2.8, 180ยบ and I want to calculate how many footcandles I'll need to get exposure. I've tried a bunch of these online calculators but none of them are as fast as just picking up my Sekonic and moving it toward a light source until I get the desired t-stop and checking how many foot candles. Any leads?
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