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  1. Hello together, at first I had 50 lines worth of text in this window. :D But let's keep it simple. We all know what the limitations on documentary style interviews are or might be. Time & Space. I have tried to use frosted 4ft 2/4 bank kinos, 1x1 Lightpanels, 750W arrilite plus + chimera s... Often times it's daylight balance of course. It just does not seem to do the job. Not bright enough, not big enough. Now these problems surely apply to all crews out there. So I am trying to figure out what a goto-setup could be in terms of brightness and size, while being not too bulky or producing too much spill that needs tons of grips to control. To start the conversation, I'd like to show you a closeup of an interview. I am trying to figure out how it was shot. What do you think they used? For such a close shot, theoretically the source could be quite close. But it seems to be farther away, not sure why I do think that, though. I would really appreciate your suggestions for light setup and lense. Thank you very much in advance! My guess: - Light source: it seems to be round. No clue. (Octodome? output probably not high enough. Briese on a docu? probably too big.) - Lense: probably 80mm / 1.8 ? Best Pete
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