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  1. Hey all, Shooting my first music video for a friends band in a couple of weeks and needing some advice on lighting. The music video will feature a four piece band in their rehearsal space. I want to make it look pretty natural and kind of low key to capture a garage band type vibe, maybe something a bit like this Weezer video ( ). How would you light this type of thing? I was thinking a 1k bounced onto the band from one side and bring up the ambient light of the room with some light bounced into the floor. Do you think this would be enough or would I need a bigger source for the key light? I'm not sure the exact dimensions of the room yet but it will be a similar size to the room in the weezer video. What do you all think? I'm really new to lighting so any suggestions or advice would be amazing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah I think I'm going to use a lamp as the main source with an LED pointing towards the actor and some ambient fill light. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your responses. Yes I should have given more info on the layout. It will be pretty small living room and the kid will be sitting near the fire, maybe about a meter away. There will be a lamp off to the side another two meters away. One problem is that the lights will be off when the kid enters the room. The way around this I guess is to have the kid pretend to turn on the lamp which will be on the same power source as whatever light I choose to use. When the kid pretends to turn on the lamp, that will be a que to turn on the power source which has the lamp and the light on it. Does this make sense? David, I was thinking about using some very low ambient fill just to bring the overall level up. Could you recommend a light for this? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, My first post on here and fairly new to filmmaking. I've got a project coming up and I'm unsure about what lighting to use. It is for a Christmas advert which will feature a kid in a living room with a fire place. The desired look is warm, low lighting as it will be set at night. I'm will use the minimal practicals as the main visable sources of light. I will have the fireplace, some candles and a lamp which will appear as the main source of light. I'm going for very soft and warm lighting. I was thinking maybe just one kino flo with a gel to make it a bit warmer If anyone would recommend a lighting set up for this I would be very grateful! Thanks
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