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  1. I made this folding vertically oriented cart to use as a simple camera cart in NYC, where some elevators are ridiculously tiny and we still have to deal with steps, not to mention tiny spaces we sometimes face. Conventional Backstage Magliners and Rubbermaids aren't the easiest to work with in these situations. The shelf is there to help organize the load and heck- we always need some type of flat workspace. This cart folds to allow easy loading into SUVs and minivans. Shelf can mount in several locations. Dimension on shelf is 15" x 23" No flat wheels all around- locking front caste
  2. This is an analog motion control system built around the Kessler Crane Elektra Drive slider motor, Revolution 1 remote head, and K2camera Low Boy slider. You can look online for more info on the Kessler Crane system. The Kessler analog moco system utilizes their Oracle controller: one for the slider and one for the remote head. 7' for XL series timing belt is also included, as are power supplies and unit cabling. These pieces sit on top of the K2camera Low Boy slider. This slider utilizes 1x2 rectangular tube as rails- stiff and strong. For this sale specify rails from 3-6 feet in leng
  3. Selling a lightly used Hat with steel outriggers. Native Mitchell mount. Comes with either a 100mm or 75mm bowl adapter (retains some bowl adjustment). Here's a demo video of it in use: $250 as pictured with legs and with a bowl adapter of your choice. Please contact me direct: karlkimdp@gmail.com (these are of course available new too.)
  4. I've been making my own carts for years, and here's my take on the muscle cart. In the NorthEast it rains and snows, and to give sandbags, cable, apple boxes etc a chance to drip dry a little, I started making these with expanded metal. Brakes that are super easy to operate and that hold when loaded. No flat tires with large 12" tall tires in back. 4 available at $575 ea. These make sense if you are in the NYC Metro area. Don't know about shipping. Pls email me direct: karlkimdp@gmail.com
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